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On that fateful day in 1888 when Vincent Van Gogh decided to cut off his ear to show the world that he truly was a Super Freak willing to do anything for attention, little did he know that four dudes in Texas would actually would name themselves after his missing appendage.  Since one of us actually took an art class for half of a semester thinking it was an easy A (it wasn't - hence, HALF of a semester), we became inspired by his tales of partying and funky moods.  So much has been celebrated of the man as an artist, but Van Gogh's Ear was long forgotten....until now!

Van Gogh's Ear is dedicated to playing the very best in current and classic rock and roll all over Texas, with the goal of bringing the party wherever we play. Come check us out at our next show, bring both of your ears and let's get the party started!

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Our mascot, Vincent.  Ear intact.

Our mascot, Vincent. Ear intact.